Tips to Advertise Your Dog Walking Business

Getting clients after venturing into a dog walking business can be a challenge. This is often the case in places where other dog walkers have already established their businesses. It’s possible, though, to stand out as the new and better pet walking service in town. After all, clients love variety and if you hit the right notes with your marketing strategy, they will choose you over your competitors. So what is the best way to advertise a new dog walking business and get it off the ground? Here are a few suggestions that you may want to explore along with some tips on how to make the most out of each marketing approach.

Distribute Flyers
When done the proper way, distributing leaflets can be an effective way to market your dog walking services. In fact, creating professional leaflets with a logo of your pet walking business can very well earn you your first client. Flyers require some money to print, so make sure to use this approach in the best way possible so that you can get a good return on investment.

Before hanging flyers on every street corner in your neighborhood, find out whether the target location has any potential clients. This can be done by mere observation at times when pet owners like to walk their dogs like in the mornings or evenings. An alternative approach would be to target places where these pet owners are likely to frequent like pet food stores or the local vet clinic.

To avoid violating any state laws when advertising your dog walking business, make sure to check the state laws relating to flyer distribution in your local dog6area.

Business Cards and Word of Mouth
Business cards are a great way to earn referrals or new clients. Giving every new or potential customer you meet a business card can actually pay off. Cards can be the best reference when customers want to contact you or refer their friends to your business.

Coupled with business cards and excellent customer service, you can make word of mouth advertising work for your business.

Register Your Business on the Phonebook
While often overlooked, business listings in the local phone directory sometimes come in handy to customers who are looking for leads for various services. Take advantage of the phonebook and register your dog walking service. It may also be helpful to add a message with your listing that will entice customers into picking up the phone and calling you.

Post Newspaper Ads
Just like phone directory listings, newspaper classifieds can work if they are properly written. Although advertising on the newspaper does not come cheap, it can help you reach out to a larger client base. But just make sure you do some research on how to craft effective newspaper ads before using this form of advertising.

Create a Professional Dog Walking Website
A website is a must if you want to be a competitive dog walker. Despite the fact that this form of advertising may be time consuming, it will prove to be your best marketing asset over time. Advertising your pet walking services on a website is the best way to showcase your lovable nature to prospective clients. It also allows clients to know all about your business in a convenient way. As more and more people continue to search for pet services online, you will also want to optimize your dog walking website to appear on local search results. When integrated with other forms of online advertising like social media marketing, a website can earn you leads to new clients over the long haul.

Keep in mind that marketing your dog walking business is more than just sending out a message to your audience. If you want to win over customers, you have to connect with them. To achieve this goal, make sure you clearly state what your selling position is. What is it that makes your business to stand out? Is it competitive pricing, a passion for animals, business core values, or additional pet related services? By developing your selling position and making it clear in your marketing messages, clients are more likely to take notice of your dog walking services.