Best Places to Walk Your Dog

A dog is a fabulous companion, and rapidly becomes a fully-fledged member of the family. No matter the breed or size of dog you have, you need to ensure it gets plenty of exercise and, in general, the bigger they are, the more they need!

Dogs have a lot of energy so a good run and a walk is always a great way of getting them the exercise they need, but where are the best places to walk your dog? Of course, we recommend that you keep your dog on a lead where there are other people and animals present, but there are some places you can let your dog run free with the right care and attention.

If you are lucky enough to live in a rural location you most likely have access to open countryside and perhaps national parks. These are excellent places to find open space for a dog to run, but beware of keeping your dog under control when in the vicinity of farmer’s fields, especially those where livestock roam. Dogs can be naturally inquisitive and may chase sheep, for example, which causes distress to the animal. Always make sure you are welcome on private land, and check what the conditions and requirements are before you venture into such fields.

Parks and Beaches

Your local park might offer a great place for a casual walk with the dog, and it is likely you will be requested to keep your dog on a leash here. This is not a great problem as you can still enjoy a brisk walk, and it is also a chance to meet other dog-owners on the way, which can make the whole experience more enjoyable still. You will find that dog walkers tend to be a friendly bunch, too, so you will likely make new friends.

The beach, if you have one within easy reach, is also an excellent place to exercise your dog, but please be aware that some beaches in the UK no longer permit dogs, while many have designated areas where dogs are permitted, and those that are dog-free. Please respect the other people on the beach by adhering to these rules, and you will be able to enjoy taking your dog to the beach for many years to come.

Choosing a Dog

The traditional breeds of dog have been bolstered recently by the popularity of new specially-bred dogs; in particular the Cockapoo and Labradoodle have proven to be excellent family pets with a great temperament. You can read more about cockapoos at this website, where you will find plenty of information and advice on keeping these quite charming pets.

Be aware that these are mid-sized dogs that have plenty of energy, so a good-sized garden – while not a necessity – is a bonus. If you do decide to add a dog to your family, it will prove to be a welcome friend for young and old alike, so make your choice carefully and you will never look back.